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Thursday, November 17, 2005

2 PM – 5 PM     NARPA Board Meeting

3 PM – 6 PM     Conference Registration Check In

3 PM – 6 PM      Exhibitors Check in and Set Up

6 PM – 7:30PM   Opening Session

Welcome – Bill Stewart, NARPA President

Keynote Speaker:

Judi Chamberlin - Psychiatric survivor and activist since 1971; Author, On Our Own: Patient-Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System, Co-Founder of the National Empowerment Center: Some Reflections on Freedom and Advocacy - Looking Back and Looking Forward

7:30 PM – 10 PM Conference Reception/Buffet & Cash Bar


Friday, November 18, 2005

7:30 AM – 8:45 AM       Continental Breakfast

7:30 AM – 5:00 PM       Conference Registration Check In

9 AM – 10 AM        Keynote Speaker:

Peter Cubra, J.D., Children's Rights Attorney;
Founder, Advocacy, Inc. - Albuquerque, NM: New freedom or old freedom?  Just whose freedom are we working for?

10 AM – 5 PM      Exhibits Open

10 AM – 10:30 AM     Refreshment Break

10:30 AM – 12:00 Noon       Workshops – Session I

David Ferleger - Evolution and Advocacy: Notes on the Development of Institutions and the Movement

Pat RisserMen and Trauma

Bill Brooks, J.D., and Bob Factor, M.D.Impeaching and Otherwise Challenging Psychiatric Testimony

David Popiel, J.D.Introduction to Fair Housing Law

Noon – 1:30 PM Luncheon

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM        Keynote Speaker:

Mark Davis, Advocate,
Bisexual/Gay/Intersex/Lesbian/Transgender/Questioning Rights; 20-year Veteran of the Consumer/Survivor movement: Freedom from the 4-F Club: Feeling Fabulously Fruity and Feisty

1:30 PM – 3 PM        Workshops – Session II

Judy Preston, J.D., Deputy Chief, Department of Justice, Special Litigation Section - Federal Investigations under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA) - Mental Health Issues

Heidi Schissler-Lanham, J.D., Jane Hudson, J.D., William L. Grapentine, M.D., and Maureen Crossmaker, M.S.W. - Reducing Chemical Restraint

Melissa Marshall, J.D.,and Advocacy Unlimited Advocates - From Patients to Advocates: Impacting the Institution from Within

Emmett Dwyer, J.D. - Juvenile Justice & Special Education Disciplinary Procedures

Susan Rogers – Making News Through Community Action

3 PM – 3:15 PM Refreshment Break Time

3:15 PM – 4:45 PM        Workshops – Session III

Ira Burnim, J.D. & Peter Cubra, J.D. Managed Care in State Mental Health Systems

Abigail Adams, Dianne Dragon, Will Hall, and Oryx Cohen, M.P.A. - Mental Health Alternatives: The Freedom Center of Northampton, MA

Paul Wright & Antonio Ponvert, J.D.Prison and Psychiatric Disability: Issues and Strategies

Mark DavisTrans/Queer Eye: Challenging and Supporting the Needs of Bisexual, Gay, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender and Questioning (BGILTQ) Constituents

4:45 PM – 6:15 PM NARPA Membership Meeting & Awards Ceremony

5 PM – 6:30 PM Dinner (On Your Own)

6:30 PM – 9 PM Special Event:            Presentation by Jonathan Caouette and Special Film Showing of Tarnation


Saturday, November 19, 2005

7:30 AM – 8:45 AM Continental Breakfast

7:30 AM – 5 PM Conference Registration Check In

9 AM – 10 AM Keynote Speaker:

David Cohen, Ph.D., Florida International University; Author, Researcher, and Expert on Psychiatric Medications: Doing Away with Prescription-Only Drugs

10 AM – 10:30 AM Refreshment Break Time

10:30 AM – 12:00 Noon       Workshops – Session IV

Peter Stastny, M.D., with an INTAR panel of Ron Bassman, Ph.D., Gisela Sartori, Jim Gottstein, Esq., & Sabine Dick - What Are Real Alternatives and Why Are They Not Available To 99.9% Of The People Who Need Them?

Tim Clune, J.D.Olmstead and Adult Homes In The Community

Bill Brooks, J.D., and Nancy Svirida, J.D. - The Anatomy of a Civil Rights Lawsuit Challenging Wrongful Commitment and Forced Drugging

Annette Deonarine, Teresa Rosario, and Advocacy Unlimited Advocates - Advocacy Education - The Latino Initiative

Jacki McKinney, M.S.W., and Celia Brown – What Do Social Activists Need to Know About Trauma?

12 Noon – 1:30 PM Luncheon

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Keynote Speaker: 

        Aaryce Hayes, M.S.W., Advocate, Advocacy, Inc., Texas:
Herding Cats, Passing Restraint Legislation in Texas

1:30 PM – 3 PM         Workshops – Session V

Peter Lehmann, Berlin, Germany - Risks and Possibilities of  Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs

Bill Compton, M.A., and Dan Brzovic, J.D., - California's Mental Health Services Act: Can We Transform the Mental Health System?

Dennis Feld, J.D., & Kim Darrow, J.D.Adult Guardian Statutes -The New Front in the Struggle for Self-Autonomy

James B. Gottstein, Esq.Multi-faceted Grassroots Efforts to Bring About Meaningful Change to Alaska’s Mental Health Program

3 PM – 3:15 PM Refreshment Break Time

3:15 PM – 4:45 PM        Workshops – Session VI

Susan Stefan, J.D.Significant Developments in Mental Health Law 2004-05

Judi Chamberlin – Recovery Through Individual and Collective Self-Determination and Empowerment

5:15 PM – 6:15 PM      Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Caucus

5 PM – 6:30 PM       Dinner (On Your Own)

6: 30 PM – 7 PM      NARPA Annual Raffle

7 PM – 9:30 PM Special Event: Presentation by Angela Shelton and Special Film Showing of Searching for Angela Shelton


Sunday, November 20, 2005

7:30 AM – 8:45 AM Continental Breakfast

7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Conference Registration Check In

9 AM – 10:30 AM        Workshops – Session VII

Rosemarie Hall, R.N., and Peter Stastny, M.D.Crossing the Blue Line: An Empowering Dialogue Between A Former Patient and her Psychiatrist

Delphine Brody, Leticia Muniz-Guevara, Larry Vaughan, Ph.D. and Nancy Thomas - Stigma and Discrimination: First-Hand Experiences and Perspectives

10:30 AM – 10:45 AM Refreshment Break Time

10:45 AM – 12:15 PM    Workshops – Session VIII

Jennifer Mathis, J.D. – Voting Rights Issues for People with Mental Disabilities

Bob Fleischner, J.D.Seclusion, Restraint, Isolation, & Mental Health Services in Children's Detention Facilities

Jonathan Dosick, Howard Trachtman, B.S., and Dennis Feld, J.D. – Fresh Air and Grassroots

12:15 PM 2005 NARPA Annual Rights Conference Adjourns

See you in 2006 in…………!!!!

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