National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Nationwide Efforts to Ban Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
Jane Hudson and Leslie Morrison

For years, NARPA has advocated for the elimination of restraint and seclusion in hospitals and other residential facilities. But, these coercive and dangerous interventions are no longer confined to just residential facilities. They are now frequently being used in our nationís schools. As the recent reports published by the National Disability Rights Network and Disability Rights California show, students labeled with psychiatric and other disabilities are being tied up, pinned down, confined, isolated Ė and even killed.  The speakers will shed light on how our school children are being harmed and what protection and advocacy agencies are doing to stop such abuse.  They will also start a discussion with NARPA members about how we can unite to get federal legislation passed to ban seclusion, prone restraint and all types of other restraints except as applied by trained individuals where the immediate safety of the student, staff or others is clearly required. They will discuss what alternatives can be used to avoid the use of behavioral restraint, including enforcing existing requirements to conduct functional analyses of studentsí problematic behaviors and develop position behavior support or intervention plans.


    1. Patchwork of State Laws

    1. California legislative efforts

    2. Lack of Federal Requirements

    1. Discuss NDRNís proposed recommendations.

        1. Obama Administration

        2. Congress

        3. State legislatures

        4. Local School Districts

    1. Working with P&As to expose the issue, including garnering media attention, and developing or augmenting state legislation and regulation.

    2. Develop strategies for how NARPA members can unite with other individuals who have survived psychiatric intervention, advocates, civil rights activists, mental health workers, and lawyers to protect school children from restraint and seclusion in schools.