National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Deconstructing the Model Minority Myth 
Pearl Park and Hyung Chol (Brandon) Yoo

The term "model minority" was coined in the mid-1960s by a prominent sociologist to describe Asian Americans as ethnic minorities who, despite marginalization, have achieved success in the US. Today, the popular culture notion of Asian Americans all being smart and getting into top notch schools still prevails. How does this myth impact Asian Americans and the services they receive? In reality, this myth does a great disservice to all Asian Americans and has particularly adverse consequences on Asian Americans with mental health issues.

∆  Deconstructing the Model Minority Myth - Workshop at National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA), from Pearl Ji-Hyon Park's blog

∆  Unraveling the Model Minority Myth of Asian American Students, by Brandon Yoo

Outline of Workshop/Presentation:

  1. What is the Asian American model minority myth?

  2. VIDEO - Model Minority Myth

  3. Deconstructing the model minority myth

  4. VIDEO Deconstructing the Model Minority Myth

  5. The model minority myth and the mental health of Asian Americans

  6. VIDEO The Model Minority Myth And The Mental Health Of Asian Americans

  7. Asian American women and suicide

  8. VIDEO Clip from documentary film Can

  9. Q&A

  10. Conclusion