National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

NARPA 2009 Workshops:

Revamping Guardianship Laws to Enhance Rights and Dignity
Tom Behrendt

Adult guardianship has historically meant the wholesale removal of one’s right to self-determination.  While there have been reforms in several states, the systems and laws in place throughout the country are archaic and woefully paternalistic.  Legal protections are lacking;  Professionalism of judges, lawyers, and court-appointed guardians is often problematic if not utterly lacking.

There are sporadic media exposes, and some of these gave rise to national task forces and “model laws.” A number of states have recently revamped their laws, but “culture change” remains needed.  We will exchange stories of successes in reforming guardianship statutes, and discuss strategies for the work yet to be done.

Resources / Materials / Links:

WINGSPAN — The Second National Guardianship Conference, Recommendations

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A short list of new duties of conservators under Connecticut Public Act 07-116.

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The issue of immunity of guardians and court-appointed attorneys for respondents in Connecticut guardianship (conservatorship) proceedings: The Second Circuit's decision in Gross v. Rell, 2009 WL 3429602 (2d Cir. 2009).