National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy


Sarah Wendell Launderville, Mike Bachhuber, & Ed Paquin 

Please join us for a brief history and a chance for dialogue about joining together the cross disability rights movement with the psychiatric consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement. How do our histories and philosophies intersect? 

We will share information about the Independent Living philosophy and core values that lead to the work of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) across the country.  We will discuss barriers people have faced with CILs and how we can work together to bridge those barriers as well as some recent success stories in bridging our communities.

This workshop will be highly interactive, with a chance to develop next steps and continue our work together long after the conference comes to an end. 


Sarah Wendell Launderville has worked in the disability rights movement since 1997, and has a psychiatric disability. She is the Executive Director of the Vermont Center for Independent Living. She has a MS from Springfield College in Human Services, Organizational Management and Leadership. She serves as the President of the Disability Rights Vermont board of directors and is the co-founder and co-chair of the National Council on Independent Living’s Women’s Caucus. She is a member of the Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council, Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights, the Vermont Statewide Rehab Council, the Vermont Arts Council and ADAPT.


Mike Bachhuber has worked in disability rights since 1997 and is Executive Director of the Independent Living Council of Wisconsin.  He has also worked for an IL Center in Wisconsin and for its Protection and Advocacy System.  As a consumer, he sat on the state's Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council and as a founding Board member for its Mental Health Consumer Network.  He currently devotes time to organizing the civil rights efforts of the National Council on Independent Living as Co-chair of its Mental Health Civil Rights Task Force and works with ADAPT.  He has his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his J.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ed Paquin received a BA in the Study of Religions from the University of Vermont in 1975. He worked in various trades from silversmithing to carpentry, until an injury in 1988 took him off roofs and structures and landed him, two years later, into politics. He served 12 years in the Vermont House of Representatives and has, since 2002, served as executive director of Disability Rights Vermont (formerly Vermont Protection & Advocacy, Inc.), working to protect and expand the rights of people with disabilities.