National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Healing from Self-Inflicted Violence:  
Complex Problem, Simple Solution

Ruth Mazelis

The goals of this workshop are to encourage understanding of self-inflicted violence and promote healing from the need for self-injury in a holistic and trauma-informed way.   Self-injury is an intense and often misunderstood topic, greatly impacting the lives of those who live with self-inflicted violence as well as those who care about them.  The presenter will explore the many meanings associated with the acts of self-injury, and identify what has been both helpful and hurtful in facilitating healing.

Learning objectives:

The participant will:

       Gain an understanding of the multiple perspectives on the etiology of self-injury, including addiction, trauma, and biopsychiatric theories.

       Identify common misperceptions regarding self-injury and will become familiarized with the many meanings and motivations associated with the acts of self-inflicted violence.

       Become sensitized to individual variances in the function of self-inflicted violence, and gain insight into cultural and environmental influences.

       Identify treatment practices that are either ineffective or harmful to persons living with self-inflicted violence.

       Become familiar with approaches that facilitate healing from the need for self-inflicted violence.

       Identify multiple stressors that arising from caring about persons who self-injure.