National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Hearing Voices Network:
Starting an HVN group in your area

Ann Rider & Arnaldo Maldonado


Hearing Voices Network (HVN) is a powerful, peer-run program to support people who hear voices, see visions, or have unusual beliefs. The workshop will describe how HVN facilitators were trained and started groups in Arizona. A brief group will be followed by ideas for starting HVN groups in your area.


Learning Goals:

     Understand the purpose of Hearing Voices Network groups

     Know the process for becoming trained group facilitators

       Understand why adequate facilitator training is crucial to success

     Learn the percentages of people who hear voices (disturbing or not)

     Understand some challenges in starting new HVN groups and how to overcome them.


     Experience the Hearing Voices group process (or watch)

     Get questions answered about the purpose of HVN

     Identify where to get training and from whom

       Prepare a plan for local implementation of similar groups

The presenters will begin by describing the purpose and goals of Hearing Voices Network groups. They will invite a few people to participate in a sample group, which will act as a demonstration for the larger group of participants. Following the sample group, participants will be invited to ask questions about the process. The presenters will describe where and how they got training for facilitators in their area, and why training is so important to the modelís success. Finally, participants will be asked to consider how they might plan to start similar groups in their local areas.