Celebrating Our Past, Creating Our Future


September 5 – 8, 2012

Full Schedule

The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio 

 2012 Conference Featured Presentations:


Robert Whitaker

Author of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets,

Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America

The Scientific Case Against Forced Treatment with Antipsychotics


Dr. Clarence J. Sundram

Nationally recognized expert and Court Monitor for landmark class action cases

involving reform in institutions & community programs
Protection from Abuse and Neglect in the Community


Ruby Moore

Executive Director, Georgia Advocacy Office

Evolutions in Advocacy: What Have We Learned and What Are We Fighting For


Erick Fabris

 Survivor and Author of  Tranquil Prisons:

Chemical Incarceration Under Community Treatment Orders

Unhinging Services from the Coercion Racket

Susan Stefan, J.D.

Significant Developments in Mental Health Law – 2012


Bruce E. Levine, Ph.D.
Author of Commonsense Rebellion,  Surviving America's Depression Epidemic, and most recently, Get Up, Stand Up

Psychiatry: Reform or Abolitionism


Workshops and panels presented by long-time advocates and attorneys
emphasizing NARPA’s mission for advocacy and civil rights, including:   

Jennifer Mathis, Darby Penney, Cliff Zucker, Paula Caplan, Robert Whitaker, Maureen Mills, Bill Stewart, Lauren Tenney, Dennis Feld, Arthur Baer, Sally Zanger, Ann Rider, Michael Allen, Aaryce Hayes, Daniel Hazen, Jan Powe, John Jones, Teresa Cochrane, Amy Marlatt, Peter Stastny, Tom Behrendt, Ruta Mazelis, Chris Hansen, George Badillo, Alexandra L. Adame, Arnaldo Maldonado, Delphine Brody, Erick Fabris, Susan Abbott, Robert Johnson, Maureen Mills, Peter Stastny, Jan Powe, Teresa Cochrane, Chris Hansen, Susan Abbott, Debbie Lanham, & and more.


Workshops and presentations include the following:

The Scientific Case Against Forced Treatment with Antipsychotics - Robert Whitaker

Intentional Peer Support in Peer-Run Crisis Respites - Chris Hansen & Daniel Hazen


Psychiatric Survivors Are Speaking Up: The Harm from Psychiatric Diagnosis and A Start on Solutions - Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.


Fundamentals of Performing Investigations: Now That You Can Do It, Do You Know How? - Aaryce Hayes 

Implications of the Affordable Healthcare Act Decision - Ruth Colker, J.D.

Housing without a Label: Using the Fair Housing Act and ADA to Expand Housing Choice - Michael Allen


Prison & Re-Entry for Ex-Offenders with Disabilities - Jan Powe, Teresa Cochrane, & Amy Marlatt

Make or Break Opportunities: Providing alternatives during a first major crisisPeter Stastny, M.D.

 Evolutions in Advocacy: What Have We Learned and What are We Fighting For - Ruby Moore

Involuntary Outpatient Commitment/Community Treatment Orders: Fighting for Our Rights in the US and Canada: A Roundtable Discussion - Delphine Brody, Erick Fabris, & Lauren Tenney

When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home: The Harmful Psychiatrizing of War Veterans and How We Can Help Instead - Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.


Disability Advocates Inc. v. Cuomo and Olmstead Update - Cliff Zucker & Jennifer Mathis


Stop Shock - Toward the Abolition of Involuntary Electroconvulsive Therapy:
A Collaborative Workshop to Develop Strategies Against Coerced Shock Treatment -
Dennis Feld, J.D. & Arthur Baer, J.D.


I survived school restraint and seclusion and lived to make a difference - Maureen Mills & Helena S.


Policy Issues at the Intersection of the Mental Health System and the Prison System - Daniel Hazen


Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support - Darby Penney


Hearing Voices Network: Starting an HVN group in your area - Ann Rider & Arnaldo Maldonado


Reforming Adult Guardianship: Moving Beyone Rights on Paper -  Sally Zanger & Tom Behrendt

Voting Rights of People with Psychiatric Labels - Jennifer Mathis


NARPA 101 - Bill Stewart, George Badillo, & Tom Behrendt


Healing from Self-Inflicted Violence: Complex Problem, Simple Solution - Ruth Mazelis


Constrained by Language: How to Write About Schizophrenia While Simultaneously Rejecting the Diagnostic Category - Alexandra L. Adame, Ph.D.

Personal Care Homes: Home or Institution? - Susan Abbott, Aaryce Hayes, Debbie Lanham, & Sheina Murphy

Consumers/Survivors/Ex-Patients and the Cross-Disability Movement - Sarah Wendell Launderville, Mike Bachhuber, & Ed Paquin

How to Read a PPR Report - John Jones


More information to come. 
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Continuing Legal Education units (CLEs) and Social Work CEUs are planned.     






Full Schedule


Please bring a flash drive to the conference.
  We will download a complimentary copy

of conference handouts and materials for attendees, as provided by presenters. 


  The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati

150 West Fifth Street


Ask for NARPA rate $125 single / $139 double.  Make reservations by August 14, 2012.

A great opportunity!  NARPA rate will be available 2 days before and 2 days after conference dates.

Fun activities nearby include Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Taft Theatre, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Contemporary Arts Center, Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts, Music Hall, Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Great American Ball Park.

For Baseball Fans!  The Cincinnati Reds are in town playing the Phillies and Astros!

The hotel is situated in a prime location in downtown Cincinnati near the river and close to hundreds of shops, museums, “Riverboat Row” dining, and entertainment venues.

Hotel Accommodations

·       Spacious rooms with amenities, in-room coffee,  cable tv, movies

·       Accessible rooms available

·       Free continental breakfast each morning

·       Easy access to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport – via taxi or Executive Transportation shuttle  (800-990-8841), van or limo service.

·       Free wireless internet provided to all conference attendees

·       Valet parking

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·       Business center

·       Bistro on Elm Restaurant and Bar is open all day and evening for meals and drinks

·       Rooftop pool and sundeck

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