National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Personal Care Homes:  Home or Institution?

Most states have many smaller institutions other that state psychiatric hospitals that house individuals who have a mental health diagnosis. In Kentucky, one of these institutions is called a Personal Care Home. Personal Care Homes, also called Board and Care Homes, are group living facilities, which typically use disability benefits and a state subsidy as reimbursement sources.  Psychiatric hospitals frequently use these programs as discharge destinations. In 2011, Kentucky P&A and members of its advisory council interviewed 20% of the resident population in 20 personal care homes, analyzed the data, and published a report. The report (released in March 2012) concludes that PCHs are congregate and segregated living arrangements created and subsidized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and that continued placement of persons with mental illness in them is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Olmstead decision.  Sometimes in response to attempts to protect residents and improve their quality of life, owners of personal care facilities may move the home or shut down to avoid penalties or home improvement costs.   

This workshop will address the problems of these facilities, including investigations by the Kentucky Protection and Advocacy program and other P&As and will touch on potential efforts to prevent residents of personal care home facilities from becoming homeless.
Panelists will include members of Kentucky Protection and Advocacy’s Advisory Council who will share their personal experiences either living in a personal care home and obtaining information that resulted in P&A finding probable cause to conduct an abuse/ neglect investigation.  

Learning goals and objectives
Participants will:
  • Know the definition of a personal care home

  • Understand why they are considered institutions and restrict personal choice and freedom

  • See how Kentucky P&A utilized their Advisory Council to provide trainings and interview residents at personal care homes throughout the state by a Self Advocacy Project

  • Review and receive an investigative report issued by Kentucky P&A regarding the  abuse and neglect  and  eventual the closure of  one  personal care home

  • Review and receive a report issued by Kentucky P&A concluding that personal care homes are congregate and segregated settings 

  • Be a part of a discussion about community solutions to personal care homes