National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

I survived school restraint and seclusion and lived to make a difference

Maureen Mills and Helena S.

Helena S. is a young adult survivor of child abuse, restraint, seclusion and trauma at the hands of teachers and school administrators. Helena loved elementary and most of middle school, was a good student and athlete, and had an Individualized Education Plan that highlighted her abilities and accommodated her disabilities. Everything changed when she moved one district over and a nightmare of abuse and retaliation began, that did not end until she was forced to leave school early with post-traumatic stress disorder. Helena will tell you why she decided that she needed to act to protect children from being hurt in schools, and the actions she has taken to make a difference, including telling her story and giving recommendations to the Ohio State Board of Education.

Maureen Mills will talk about how the Ohio Legal Rights Service, the state Protection and Advocacy system, worked with Helena on this important issue. Maureen will give more background on school seclusion and restraint, and talk about Helena's central role in making change.