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Breaking News:  7th Circuit Rules that Prescribing Off-Label
Psychiatric Drugs to Children is Medicaid Fraud

James B. (Jim) Gottstein, J.D.

Late last month, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, issued its opinion in the Wisconsin case of ex rel Watson v. King-Vassel, using the Model Complaint developed by the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights). This opinion confirms PsychRights' analysis that psychiatrists cause false claims (Medicaid Fraud) when they write off-label prescriptions of psychotropic drugs to children that are not supported by any of three statutorily incorporated drug references, known as "compendia." 


Because each offending prescription carries a minimum penalty of $5,500, PsychRights believes these cases have the potential of greatly reducing the horrific psychiatric drugging of poor children on Medicaid. Since the person bringing such suits, called relator, shares in the recovery, if any, there is also the possibility of a substantial financial reward for bringing such suits. James B. (Jim) Gottstein, Esq., president of PsychRights, has agreed to give an additional talk specifically focused on bringing and prosecuting such cases.  This talk will also be live-streamed on the Internet.


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Jim Gottstein    

Seventh Circuit Rules Psychiatrists Commit Medicaid
Fraud By Prescribing Psychiatric Drugs Off-Label to Children