National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Bringing Trauma-Informed Practices to Peer Support

Darby Penney & Cathy Cave, National Center for Trauma-Informed Care

This workshop offers an overview of the key concepts included in SAMHSA’s recent technical assistance document, Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support (the concepts are applicable to all people, not just women).  Topics addressed include trauma and its impact and prevalence among people with psychiatric diagnoses; cultural considerations; applying trauma-informed practices to authentic peer support relationships; the challenges of doing peer support within traditional provider organizations; and how trauma survivors can reclaim power through social action.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

1)     Gain information, tools and resources to increase their understanding of trauma; the principles of trauma-informed peer support; and the impact of both on people who receive mental health and other health and human services;

2)     Understand core values and common language for peer support that is non-clinical and culturally congruent;

3)     Be able to describe specific skills needed to implement trauma-informed peer support in diverse settings; and

4)     Understand the importance of trauma-informed system change on a broader scale

Brief presenter bios:

Darby Penney

Cathy Cave