National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Hearing Voices: A Different Conversation

Lisa Forestell, Oryx Cohen, Marty Hadge

The Hearing Voices Network started with a single conversation had over 30 years ago. It involved an active intellect, Patsy Hage, questioning the methodology of her psychiatrist, Marius Romme…  and the psychiatrist heard her. The answer she received from him started them on a journey. It required an awareness of assumptions and an ability to do things differently.

This workshop will consist of a facilitated dialogue. How does our society and prevailing model of care influence our ability to support people who hear voices or experience other extreme states? Are we less likely to seek support around troubling experiences as a result? In a process similar to that undertaken by Dr. Marius Romme and Patsy Hage, we will deconstruct our preconceptions about the experience and explore alternatives.


1. Recognize assumptions about those who hear voices or experience other extreme states

2. Question conventional understanding about voice hearers and those who experience other extreme states

3. Move to a place of ‘not knowing’

4. Recognize the expertise of shared knowledge

5. Learn about the history of the international Hearing Voices Network

(Powerpoint and handouts - including bibliography and reading list)