National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Organizing/Advocating in Response to a Tragedy

Deron Drumm, Greg Benson

After something terrible happens there is often a window of opportunity in which Legislatures and communities can implement and pursue initiatives that either restrict or further protect human rights and civil liberties.

The learning goals and objectives of this presentation will include tactics and logistical strategies for mobilizing people for events and rallies, the importance of presenting public testimony at one’s State Legislature, the importance getting your collective groups values in newspapers, on television, and on the radio.

This presentation will be guided by an overarching and uncompromising philosophical belief that abridging human rights and civil liberties must never been seen as progress in response to a tragedy – or at any time.  Furthermore, doing nothing to abridge human rights or civil liberties – in the absence of any thoughtful and positive response – is an end and success in itself which betters our communities.  Finally, only actions which contribute to the protection, promotion, and implementation of human rights and civil liberties – can enhance our communities.         

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Deron Drumm

Greg Benson