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What is “Treatment” to Us?

Deron Drumm, Greg Benson, & Cyndi Roberts

Deron Drumm, Greg Benson, and Cyndi Roberts present and take questions about how being told that their emotional distress was reducible to a chemical brain pathology – didn’t work for them. These three will discuss how so called “treatment” damaged them by discouraging them from taking personal responsibility for their lives, suggesting that psych-drug regiments were the most viable way to respond to intense human experience, and promoting lives arranged around trying to not feel bad or managing one’s brokenness. Deron, Cyndi, and Greg will talk about the ways in which self-responsibility, nutrition, yoga, cardio-vascular exercise, and intentional structure have contributed to them moving towards the enjoyable lives they lead today.

Link to brief presenter bios:

Greg Benson

Deron Drumm

Cyndi Roberts