National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Why We Talk About Suicide

Sarah Mouser, Sean Donovan, Caroline White

Talking about suicide and giving an account of one’s experiences is often an exchange where a person’s rights are violated.   Alternatives to Suicide Peer Support Groups allow for discussion where it is not permitted elsewhere.   These groups aspire to be a safe non-judgmental space for a person to explore their relationship to suicide, suicidal tendencies, self-harm, trauma and other taboo subjects—ones that we so often cannot speak about outside these rooms because of fear.


  • Understand that the typical suicide prevention approach is disempowering and can take away people's rights and choices.

  • Come away with a basic understanding of the overview and philosophy of Alternative to Suicide Peer Support Groups.

  • Come way with an understanding that talking about suicide is not putting ideas in a person’s head or furthering them to take action on ending one’s life.

  • Understand that talking about suicide can create strength and resiliency for a person. 

Link to brief presenter bios:

Sarah Mouser

Sean Donovan

Caroline White