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Intentional Peer Support as a Framework for Building Community

Steven Morgan

A diagnosis of mental illness can shatter an individualís sense of belonging to the larger community.  Intentional Peer Support is a framework for creating mutual and dynamic relationships that can help people overcome isolation; examining how we have come to understand our experiences; and exploring new possibilities for living well.  This institute will discuss the principles and tasks of IPS and how purposeful relationships contribute to vibrant community life.

This Presentation will be very interactive, and will utilize Powerpoint slides, discussion, and self-reflection to enable participants to gain a basic understanding of Intentional Peer Support and how it will influence relationships, and therefore build stronger communities.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Participants will be able to describe and demonstrate: The three principles: Co-learning versus Helping; Focus on the Relationship versus the Individual; Hope versus Fear...  and four tasks of Intentional Peer Support:  Establishing Connection, Understanding Worldview, Creating Mutuality, Moving Towards instead of Moving Away

2.  Participants will be able to understand how quality relationships create vibrant communities Participants will be able to apply skills for creating dynamic conversations that inspire mutual learning and growth

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Steven Morgan