National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Fundamentals of Performing Investigations of Serious Incidents
(Restraint & Seclusion)

Aaryce Hayes, LCSW

While regulatory entities are responsible for performing primary investigations of serious incidents,  there is value in understanding how to review those investigations.  Often those investigations involve questionable use of restraint &/or seclusion.  Issues pertaining to restraint and seclusion will be used as a platform to inform participants about how to review an investigation.  At the conclusion of this interactive workshop, participants will:

Be able to differentiate between primary, secondary and reviews of investigations

Be able to identify the basic elements of evidence collection and analysis

Be able to identify alternatives to the use of restraint and seclusion

Investigations into Serious Incidents (PowerPoint)

Safety Tools for Children (pdf)

ACE Study website and calculator (Word).

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Aaryce Hayes, LCSW