National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

The Personal is the Political: Reflections on an Advocacy Journey


Leah Harris, M.A.

Leah Harris is the daughter of two parents diagnosed with schizophrenia, both of whom died young as a result of the toxic effects of overmedication and broken spirits. She herself is a person who has struggled since childhood with serious mental health conditions, traumatic stress, and suicide. At age 25, Leah dedicated her life to working for human rights and social justice in mental health. Her decision was fueled by the profound suffering she witnessed and experienced at a young age, and her deep belief that a better world is possible. Leah's decision to become an advocate saved her life and taught her powerful lessons along the way. She will share her reflections on the transformative journey of advocacy, a journey of personal and collective healing and liberation. 

       Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss how advocacy can be a healing practice for trauma survivors
2. Learn about some of the greatest challenges facing rights activists today 
3. Identify promising policy and social justice directions for the future

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Leah Harris, M.A.

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