National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Trauma & Healing in Corrections: "The Impossible Dream?"

     Wallace Kirby, Taylar Nuevelle, & Emily Tatro, J.D. 

Panelists will share their personal perspectives as survivors of both the criminal justice and mental health systems on the importance of trauma-informed care and healing for people who are or have been incarcerated. In addition to describing the current state of trauma-informed care in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, panelists will share advocacy resources, highlight promising practices in states like Hawaii, and provide an analysis of how advocacy is bringing trauma-informed care to the District of Columbia's jail.

Learning Goals and Objectives: 

Participants will leave with

1.   An understanding of what trauma-informed care is;

2.   The importance of addressing and preventing trauma in criminal justice settings; 

3.   How the principles of trauma-informed care can be adopted by correctional facilities; and

4.   How they can make a difference in their own communities for returning citizens and people who are currently incarcerated.

Link to brief presenter bios: