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Saving America: How Can Psychiatry Be Stripped of Its Power Over Our Lives?

Robert Whitaker

Over the past 35 years, American psychiatry—corrupted by pharmaceutical money and its own guild interests—has told the American public a “false narrative” that has led to great social injury. It has led to the pathologizing of childhood, a soaring number of people on disability due to psychiatric disorders, and the steady abridgement of the rights of many people so diagnosed, with that abridgement of rights dependent on a societal belief in that false narrative. How can this institutional corruption be revealed? How can it be combatted? And how can psychiatry be stripped of its authority over this domain of our lives?

 Goals and Objectives

  1. Understand why the false narrative told by American psychiatry has led to the passage of outpatient commitment laws that abridge fundamental rights.

  2. Explore how fighting against that abridgement of rights will require making the public understand that psychiatry has told the American people a false story, one belied by its own science.

  3. Understand that the only enduring solution, given that psychiatry has told a false story in order to protect guild interes, is to strip psychiatry of its authority over this domain of our lives. 

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Robert Whitaker