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Stopping Crisis Before It Starts: The Hope’s Door Toolkit

Ann Rider and Gaye Tolman

Goals & Objectives: The primary goal of this workshop is that participants gain knowledge about a peer-designed program to help people avoid crisis. Hope’s Door is based on the principles of Intentional Peer Support and utilizes the support of each individual’s community, however that is defined. Objectives include understanding the model and knowing how to access it.

Presenter Info: Ann Rider, MSW, CPRP is currently the Executive Director of Capital Recovery Center in Olympia, Washington, and the developer of Hope’s Door. Gaye Tolman is the Executive Director of Recovery Empowerment Network in Phoenix, Arizona, where Hope’s Door was first developed. Rider and Tolman are developing a toolkit to help others find and use Hope’s Door.

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Ann Rider

Gaye Tolman

Entering Hope's Door: Crisi as Opportunity

Stopping Crisis Before It Starts: Hope’s Door (PowerPoint)