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Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs: Discussing the Open Questions

Peter Lehmann

This German style workshop an attempt to find in mutual exchange answers to open questions like: Which withdrawal symptoms may appear at the transition from mini dose to zero? Which effective methods exist for detoxification? How to cope with sleep problems in withdrawal? How to deal with protracted withdrawal symptoms? How to withdraw combinations of psychiatric drugs? What role do different types of administration (injections, depots, pills, fluids, inhalation, etc.) play in step-by-step withdrawal? Which drugs need enteric administration in gradual withdrawal, and how to make it safe if we cut pills? Which drugs do not allow extended dosing? How do we educate professionals to competently support withdrawal? Which problems can people face in the search of support in withdrawal within the self-help movement?

Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs: Discussing open questions (PDF)

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Peter Lehmann