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NARPA 2003 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get from the airport to the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown?
A: SuperShuttle Transportation Systems offers airport shuttle service to downtown Austin hotels, including the Omni, for a fee of $10 one way, and $18 round trip. For further information, please contact SuperShuttle directly at 1-800-bluevan, or visit http://supershuttle.com. Taxi cab fare is reported to be approximately $20 one way between the airport and the hotel, depending on volume of traffic. There is no charge for up to three additional riders.

Q: What local hotel options are there, other than the Omni, and what are their rates?
A: NARPA welcomes feedback on this question, and will try to update this FAQ in a timely manner based on the feedback received. Please be advised that this is not a comprehensive listing of hotel alternatives, nor are these "special" hotel rates which have been negotiated by NARPA. If you locate some better alternatives, please share them with the NARPA website.

On Wednesday, November 19, a suggestion was made to consider the Austin HI hostel. As of Wednesday morning, both male and female beds were still available for Saturday and Sunday nights.

On Monday November 17, the following report was received: The Crown Plaza (512-480-8181) hotel has single or double occupancy rooms for $129 on Thursday night (11-20) and single or double occupancy rooms for $99 on Friday and Saturday (11-21 and 11-22). The latter two nights are a "special rate" that will go up if a significant number of rooms are reserved.

Q: Is a complete schedule / detailed agenda of workshops and events available for NARPA 2003?
A: As of October 16, a draft detailed workshop schedule is available. Although this schedule is based on the best information available on the date that it has been uploaded (October 16, 2003), changes in presentation times or cancellations may still occur. Please keep this in mind when you use this schedule as a guide to making decisions about conference attendance.

Q: Are any meals provided to NARPA 2003 attendees?
A: Full registration fee entitles the registrant to two lunches (Friday and Saturday), Thursday opening reception/buffet, and three continental breakfasts (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Registration at the daily rate entitles the registrant to the included meals which are served on the day for which the person is registered.

Q: What is the registration cost for NARPA 2003?
A: This depends upon when you register, whether you register for the full conference or for selected days, and whether you have joined NARPA or renewed your NARPA membership in 2003. Full information regarding registration costs is available on the NARPA 2003 registration page.

Q: As a NARPA member, am I eligible for a discount on NARPA 2003 registration?
A: Only if you have renewed your NARPA membership in 2003. If you became a member while attending NARPA's 2002 conference, you will need to renew your membership before becoming eligible for the membership discount this year.

Q: I wish to pay by mailing my check or money order or by faxing my credit card information, rather than using the on-line registration process. Is this possible?
A: Yes. To do this, please visit the registration page and click the link to the "PDF form for off-line registration" which appears in the Quick Links section at the top of the page. This form includes instructions and a mailing address for Registration Systems Lab, which is handling NARPA 2003 registration payments for NARPA this year.

Q: I'm not sure whether I want to include my contact information on the NARPA 2003 attendee list. Will NARPA share or sell the NARPA 2003 attendee list to third parties?
A: The NARPA 2003 list will be made available only to people who attend NARPA 2003, for the purposes of networking with fellow attendees. NARPA strongly discourages its use for any other purpose, and will not share or sell this information with anyone who has not attended NARPA 2003.

Q: How may I contact the NARPA 2003 Conference Committee with a question not answered above?
A: Please use our contact form by clicking this link.