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Robert D. Fleischner, J.D.

Robert D. Fleischner has been practicing mental disability law since 1973. He is the assistant director at the Center for Public Representation, a national public interest law firm located in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is a national expert on P&A access, advance directives, and guardianship. He has served on the faculty of the Western New England Law School and Smith College School of Social Work, teaching courses on juvenile justice and disability law

Mr. Fleischner has litigated prison and juvenile justice reform cases, guardianships, fair housing, civil commitment, right to treatment, and right to community services cases in several states. He is the co-author of Guardianship and Conservatorship in Massachusetts, published by Lexis/Nexis, and has written several law journal articles. A Boston College Law School graduate, Mr. Fleischner has litigated community integration, civil commitment, prison mental health, juvenile justice, guardianship, and fair housing cases.