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Jay Mahler

Jay Mahler is the Program Director of the Mental Health Division of Contra Costa County, California. He spent 10 years in mental health treatment and has been an activist in the consumer/survivor movement since 1972. He was one of the founders of Mental Health Consumer Concerns and of the California Network of Mental Health Clients.

Mr. Mahler has been a member of the California State Mental Health Planning Council since 1990 and has served a co-chair. He was also appointed by the Governor to theCalifornia Council on Mental Health from 1979-1985 and served on the Alameda County Mental Health Advisory Board, the Fairmont Hospital Advisory Board, and the Eden District Mental Health Committee.

He has had direct staff experience in inpatient, outpatient, and halfway house settings and was employed by Santa Clara County to organize client groups in three non-profit corporations. Since 1989, he has worked with Sacramento County to provide technical assistance on an NIMH/CSP grant to assist consumers in becoming mental health providers.