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torch.bmp (19926 bytes) Passing the Torch:
New Advocates, New Skills, New Alliances

November 14-17, 2007  
Los Angeles, California       

Passing The Torch:
New Advocates, New Skills, New Alliances

Conference begins Wednesday evening and ends at noon Saturday

More than 35 Workshops & Keynotes including

Leonard Roy Frank
Psychiatric Survivor, Author & Book Editor
Transformational Spirituality

Jim Gottstein, Ira Burnim, & Richard A. Zitrin
Truth to Power: The Zyprexa Papers

Young Activists Panel
In Our Hands: The Future of Advocacy and the Movement

Can Truong
Psychiatric Survivor & Director, Center for Education Empowerment
Journey Toward Freedom: Rights and Empowerment

And a Special Presentation of Side Effects
A Play by Margaret Lunevitz, Activist and Playwright

Well-known advocates and activists presenting workshops:


Nancy Arvold, Bob Fleischner, Jeannie Matulis, Ty Colbert, Melinda Byrd,
Mort Cohen, Emmett Dwyer, Elyn Saks, Stacie Hiramoto, Delphine Brody, Laura Van Tosh

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For 25 years, NARPA has provided an educational conference with inspiring keynoters and outstanding workshops. We learn from each other, share with colleagues and come together as a community committed to social justice for people with psychiatric labels and developmental disabilities.

We invite YOU to join US in Los Angeles in November.

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NARPA 2007
November 14-17, 2007
Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside


Schedule subject to change