Oryx Cohen

After graduating Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Psychology in 1995, Oryx spent three years working for the "I Have a Dream" Foundation (IHAD) in Portland, first as a tutor and mentor to 7th grade low-income students, then as an administrator. Oryx received his M.P.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a 3.97 G.P.A. During graduate school he had his first experience with severe emotional distress and his first encounter with the mental health system. Unhappy with the effectiveness of the current system, these experiences inspired him to become a leader in the c/s/x movement. Currently he is the Consumer Initiative Program Manager for the Western Massachusetts Training Consortium. He oversees and supports c/s/x led projects such as support groups, small businesses, and arts groups. Oryx also volunteers for Support Coalition International, directing its Oral History Project. This project involves interviewing psychiatric survivors and consumers about their experiences in the mental health system and, particularly, their experiences with recovery, as all of the participants have made significant recoveries, not only from intense emotional distress, but also from abuses encountered in the psychiatric system. Additionally, Oryx recently founded a local support/activist group called The Freedom Center, whose purpose is to empower people with psychiatric labels.


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