Regina Hill

Regina graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 2001. She began working at the Center for Public Representation in August of 2001 as a Bart Gordon Fellow. The Center for Public Representation is a non-profit, public interest law firm seeking to improve the quality of lives of people with disabilities through the systemic enforcement of their legal rights. Based in Massachusetts, with offices in Northampton and Newton, the Center is engaged in activities both in the state and throughout the nation. The purpose of the Bart Gordon Fellowship is to increase the legal representation of people of color by attorneys of color. During the last year, Regina provided outreach services to communities of color in the Greater Boston area. Through her contacts with consumers and staff, at community mental health centers, clubhouses, and inpatient facilities, the topic of rights involving medication emerged as a major issue for communities of color. To address medication issues, Regina created a presentation on informed consent and substituted judgement. While researching the psychotropic medications commonly prescribed, she learned about ethnic psychopharmacology. Ethnic psychopharmacology is the influence of ethnicity and culture on individual responses to psychotropic medications. Regina added her research in this area to her presentation, which she has presented to attorneys, various behavioral health staffs, and consumers of mental health services.

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