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Tim Clune, J.D.

Tim Clune is the Managing Attorney at Disability Advocates in Albany, New York. He has been with the P&A program since 1990. He has successfully litigated several novel cases establishing and expanding the rights of individuals with disabilities throughout the state and nation. His cases have included: the first successful PAIMI standing case which provided the foundation for the current state of the law; a Title VI claim ensuring that non-English speaking patients in state psychiatric centers received linguistically appropriate services; established that people diagnosed with mental illness can be a protected class for purposes of a 42 U.S.C.1985(3) claim; a RICO claim to remedy systemic abuse and neglect in an adult home; and an ADA claim establishing that Title III reaches insurance underwriting practices. In his spare time, Tim has been known to take on the occasional animal rights case - recently establishing that dogs are "property with a personality".