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Aaryce Hayes, M.S.W.

Aaryce Hayes has worked professionally with individuals diagnosed or labeled as having a mental illness since 1974. Direct casework include 13 years as a caseworker at a state hospital, and two years as a client abuse investigator and rights protection officer of the Central Office of Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation (TDMHMR). These experiences include residents at state hospitals, clients of community mental health and mental retardation centers, and clients of private hospitals. Aaryce has worked as a program specialist for Advocacy, Inc., the Protective and Advocacy System in Texas since 1990 focusing on systemic advocacy in the area of mental health. Aaryce has also benefitted from personal experience in advocating for treatment and rights of a sibling and parent with mental illness. She is licensed in Texas as a Licensed Masters in Social Work with Advanced Clinical Practitioner Status.