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Michelle Shocked

Activist and musician Michelle Shocked was raised in a strict Mormon household in Texas, ran away from home at 16, put herself through college, and hit the road as a hardcore punk rocker with a Mohawk, nose ring, and very strong political views. She landed in a mental institution after being arrested at the Democratic convention in 1984, and her mother later committed her to a mental hospital in Texas. Back on the street, dazed by the chemical straightjacket drugs she was given, half-convinced that she was indeed crazy, she headed for New York City. From there her life got even more eventful. She spent time in Europe, lived as a squatter in Amsterdam, and returned to Texas in 1986 for a songwriters' gathering. There, a journalist recorded her singing around a campfire and released the scratchy tape in Britain, without her knowledge, as "Texas Campfire Tapes." Now, after fighting major label legal battles, she's emerged intact with her entire back catalogue of music. Michelle recently released a deluxe reissue of her 1988 studio debut album "Short, Sharp, Shocked," on her own Mighty Sound record label.