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Peter Stastny, M.D.

Peter Stastny, M.D., is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Senior Psychiatrist at Bronx Psychiatric Center. Dr. Stastny is the author of numerous scholarly papers on psychosocial treatments, advance directives, self-help and empowerment, film history and mental health, and subjective experiences. He is an expert witness and consultant in legal cases involving standard of care, involuntary treatment, issues of dangerousness, etc. He has spearheaded innovative programs, such as peer specialist services, consumer-run businesses, and transitional living groups. Dr. Stastny is the Director and producer of several documentary films addressing mental health subjects, including the international advocacy movement and personal stories by teenagers on an inpatient psychiatric unit. With Darby Penney and photographer Lisa Rinzler, Peter is collaborating with the New York State Museum on the Willard Suitcase Project, a study of abandoned patient suitcases from Willard Psychiatric Center, which will be the subject of a major exhibit ("Lost Cases, Recovered Lives") at the New York State Museum opening in January 2004.