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Sister Witness International

Sister Witness International is an organization committed to celebrating the lives and strengths of formerly institutionalized women, girls and their allies. We believe that violence can continue only in the face of our collective absence and anonymity. Therefore, 51% of Sister Witness is comprised of women and girls who are willing to publicly speak about their experiences, creating a new model for change. In an effort to actualize the vision, "sister" of the organization also represent women who are allies from multiple fields; judges, lawyers, researchers, policy-makers, community activists, educators and others. We welcome allies as important partners in our endeavors to expose the context of womens lives and collectively re-envision a different future.

Sister Witness International, Inc.: An Organization of Formerly Institutionalized Women, Girls & Their Allies. The organization focuses on: addressing the multiple forms of violence and retraumatization in the lives of women and girls who have been institutionalized in psychiatric and criminal justice settings. Our mission is to reverse decades of silencing and misrepresentation by creating opportunities for people to speak for themselves, supporting the development of national and international networks to become a visible, active and diverse presence that works toward global justice and peace.