National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Emily Tatro, J.D.

Emily Tatro is lawyer with University Legal Services, where she serves as Legal Fellow for the  the DC Jail & Prison Advocacy Project in Washington, D.C. Part of University Legal Services, the DC JPAP conducts outreach and advocacy to assist DC residents with psychiatric diagnoses in the DC Jail or Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) who are preparing to transition to the community from the DC Jail or federal prisons and seeking social integration, access to healthcare, and support for their major needs. It seeks to advance public awareness through direct advocacy and public education and to leverage local governmental commitments to implement a public health model which provides for continuity of care and services with transparency and human rights and public health protections.

Ms. Tatro represents clients in a variety of advocacy capacities, including parole revocation hearings, sentencing mitigation, wrongful incarceration, access to mental health services, disability accommodations, and grievances against city agencies.  She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center in Washington. Previously, she was a law clerk for the Washington, D.C. Juvenile Services Project.  As a legal intern for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Ms. Tatro worked with the court-appointed monitor in C.B. v. Walnut Grove Correctional Authority to develop recommendations for the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Ms. Tatro is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and Temple University.