Sustaining Hope in an Age of Denial

Joanne Greenberg, author
Gail Hornstein, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Mt. Holyoke College

Against the backdrop of cuts in mental health services and the re-labeling of suffering as "brain disease," Greenberg and Hornstein will examine what "recovery" from madness might really mean. They'll ask why mental health professionals have so often denied that recovery is even possibile, and why testimonies to the contrary -- like Greenberg's I Never Promised you a Rose Garden -- aren't taken seriously as challenges to existing views. Greenberg will draw on her many experiences speaking to hospital administrators and ward staff, contrasting their pessimism with the sense of hopefulness that ex-patients and their families have conveyed in the letters they have sent to her about Rose Garden over four decades. Hornstein will talk about the process of writing her biography of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann (Greenberg's therapist), and the persistent attempts to discredit or deny Fromm-Reichmann's basic claim, that people diagnosed as schizophrenic could recover fully and live productive lives.

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