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Kris Yates

Kris Yates was raised by a single mother in Appalachia. She is the only one in her family who attended college, and then went on to get an MA in Psychology from Holy Name College in Oakland, California. As a teenager and young adult Ms. Yates struggled with depression, and attempted suicide on several occasions. After surviving electroshock and hospital zation in India, she went on to heal herself with natural processes, avoiding drugs.

Ms. Yates currently works with both children and adults as a counselor with the Marriage, Family and Child Counseling Center, as well as with the Catholic Counseling Service, Kid's Turn, and Support Coalition International. She also served as a member of the City of Berkeley Mental Health Advisory Commission. Ms. Yates is the San Francisco Bay Area Coordinator for Support Coalition International, a human rights organization focusing on mental health issues. Her writings have been published in Present Time, Dendron, the Mandana, Community Recovery Center News, the Altered State, and in the book Beyond Bedlam: Women Psychiatric Survivors Speak Out.