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NARPA's  2013 Annual Rights Conference
Hartford, CT, September 2013
Conference Materials & Handouts
Line-up of Workshop & Keynote Presentations
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NARPA 2012 Annual Rights Conference
Cincinnati, OH, September 2012
Full Schedule

NARPA's  2011 Annual Rights Conference
Philadelphia, PA, September 2011

NARPA's 2010 Annual Rights Conference: (with materials and handouts)
Atlanta, GA, September 2010
Choice Not Force
●Guardianship/Forced Treatment/Restraint
●Recovery and Peer Run Programs
Force and Coercion: Beyond the Institutional Setting

NARPA's 2009 Annual Rights Conference:
Phoenix, AZ, September 2009

NARPA 2008 Annual Rights Conference - Austin, TX 2008
    NARPA 2008 Workshop schedule

NARPA 2007 Annual Rights Conference- Los Angeles, CA, 2007

NARPA 2006 Annual Rights Conference - Baltimore, MD 2006

NARPA 2005 Annual Rights Conference - Hartford, CT, 2005

NARPA's 22nd Annual Rights Conference - Austin, TX, 2003

NARPA's 21st annual Rights Conference - Portland, Oregon, 2002

NARPA's 20th annual Rights Conference - Niagara Falls, NY, 2001
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NARPA's 19th Annual Rights Conference - Sacramento, CA, 2000
   Workshops, events, and presentations at NARPA 2000

NARPA's 18th Annual Rights Conference, - Louisville, KY, 1999

NARPA's 17th Annual Rights Conference - Albany, NY 1998